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Who am I:
My name is Lydia Herrmann and I present myself under the pseudonym "Mr. LÿÐmann". Under this name, I combine my skills and projects in various areas, such as marketing, design, text, games and music.

What I can do:
I successfully completed my master's degree in game design several years ago and have been working in marketing and media areas of various industries for over five years. Through my studies and previous projects, I am fortunate enough to master a wide range of software for creating any media product, in example image, print, text, presentation, video or sound.  

Where I want to go:
I have plans, always new ideas and work on various projects at the same time, which is why I find it difficult to say exactly where I want to go. I just enjoy working creatively in any arts and industries and expanding my skills. Producing a techno set one day, writing a short story on the other and building a website the day after tomorrow makes me very happy in the end.


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